A cold cauterization for rapid recovery treatment with state-of-the-art active ingredients that penetrate the fiber, rescuing the natural properties. The Set is composed of Two-dimensional, Lipidic and Intensive Nutrition Shampoo from Work Station Miracle TRUSS.

To make the set even more complete, TRUSS gives you:

Clarifying Work Station Miracle TRUSS Shampoo: ideal for resistant hair to facilitate the absorption of the nutrients from the treatment. It is worth noting that, after chemical procedures, the Clarifying TRUSS Shampoo should be replaced by the TRUSS Two-Dimensional Shampoo.

Amino: ideal for sealing cuticles in very porous hair, during the moisturizing process with the Exclusive TRUSS Steam Iron. It should be applied before the conventional iron, as a thermal protector (anti-humidity action). Indicated for hair without a tendency to greasiness.

Kit Fast Repair (Bidimensional, Lipidic, Intensive Nutrition)

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