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Lightening Powder

454g 1 Lb

Be Blonde Lightening Powder combines Hi-lift action with bond protection. Wheat protein works to shield against damage to keep the hair structure intact. Luminous powder formulation enhances the brilliance of the hair as it lightens to the perfect tone, emphasizing multidimensional shine on blonde hair. Provides 8 levels of lift depending on the base. 

HOW TO USE: In a non-metallic container, pour in one part of Be Blonde Hi-Lift Lightening Powder and two parts of Be Blonde Premium Cream Activator. Mix until obtaining a homogeneous, smooth cream consistency. 

PROCESSING TIME: Let it process on the hair for 30 to 40 minutes without using heat. Rinse with plenty of water and follow with Be Blonde Color Restore Shampoo. Apply Be Blonde Color Restore Hair Mask up to twice a week for optimal color protection, hydration and overall results. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.
Be Blonde Ultra-Lift 9 (SALON)
2495 4990

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