Wider Foil = Faster Color! Fly through balayages, full highlights, and hand-painted color with our latest addition to the Colortrak line of foils.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: 500 extra wide 9-Inch X 10.75-Inch sheets per box. Perfect for high-demand balayages, full-highlights, and hand-painted colors! And all that in a convenient pop-up box!.

EXTRA WIDE: At a whopping 9 inches by 10 & 3/4 inches, these foil sheets are perfect for larger cross-sections, big jobs, and can be folded in half (rather than sandwiched) for an altogether neater salon experience.

PLATINUM CARD TECHNIQUE: These Extra-Wide Pop-Up Color Foils are perfect for the 'platinum card' foil stacking technique thanks to both their size, and their quantity.

PROFESSIONAL HAIR COLOR CONTENT: With this box you can feel like a professional. You have the same essential hair foils that a hairdresser would you to dye your hair.

ECONOMICAL & MONEY SAVING: We all know getting your hair dyes by a professional can sometimes be a bit expensive, so this box can help you save some money and still getting to use similar products.

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