Conditioner. Highly nourishing, with active ingredients rich in vitamins and oils that provide moisture and intense shine to the threads. Moisturizes and restores shine. Protects colored hair and scalp. Prevented premature aging of the threads. Combat fall problems.


Exclusive H300: Dramatically improves detangled and damp hair, provides shine during conditioning.

Soft Hair: conditioning agent that restores strength, softness, shine and reduces frizz.

Creatine: powerful amino acid derivative, a microparticle that penetrates deeply into the cortex due to its small size, restoring and increasing the strength of hair compromised by chemical and physical aggressions. Protects, revitalizes and hydrates at the same time. Helps minimize the effects of aging.

Ceramides: Lipoprotein complex, restores and seals the hair cuticle. Effectively protects colored hair. They increase emolliency and restore hair, providing shine and protection to the scalp.

Phospholipids: they act to maintain elasticity and permeability in cuticle cells, in order to transport nutrients efficiently. The association of active lipids and various oils that act as plant agents. It prevents and combats excessive dryness of the hair, and also improves the texture and softness of the hair. Gives shine, softness and volume to hair.

Vitamin E: antioxidant, protection against free radicals and anti-aging properties. Protects from sunlight damage because it is a natural moisturizer. Helps in hair growth and hair loss prevention.

Vitamin F: reduces hair pigmentation loss. Revitalizes dry and damaged hair.

Lipo Nutrient: restores lipid fractions in the hair fiber, prevents external physical-chemical damage, improves the softness, texture and smoothness of fragile hair. Restores the delicate bioprotective layer of the scalp, often damaged by chemical agents.

Basic Conditioner 24000ml/81.15 fl.oz

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