Truss Infussion & Night Spa

Truss Infussion & Night Spa

Juan Pablo Angarita

TRUSS always surprises the cosmetic market with its innovations and technological advances in its unique formulations.

Infusion TRUSS is an intense hydration for professional use suitable for all types of hair, ensuring reconstruction, hydration, antiaging and antifrizz action, intense shine and protective sealing!

The base of its formulation is the wax – Myrica Fruit Wax – derived from a highly nutritious fruit, which grows in the Andes at altitudes above 1,800 meters, called Myrica and its biggest differential is its protection capacity. To resist extreme temperatures, the fruit naturally produces a protective wax layer, which makes a true sealing of all its internal nutrients and protects from external agents - and it is exactly the same way that it acts on the wires, promoting an ultra effective shield. . In addition to all the benefits, the wax is preservative-free, extracted in a sustainable way (no chemical products are used for its collection and purification), following all the regulations of socio-environmental responsibility and biodegradable, being, therefore, ecologically raw material. correct for use in cosmetic products.

For the treatment done in the salon with the Infusion TRUSS to be even more complete, TRUSS also launches the version for maintenance at home, the Night Spa Serum TRUSS – night treatment with a lighter formula, in Serum, ideal for weekly reapplication, so the hair continues intact until the next visit to the salon.